I imagine you arrived at this page because you or someone you care about is going through a difficult time. It takes courage to reach out and seek help and sometimes we're just not sure who to approach or who can best help us. I hope the information on this site will make this a little easier for you. 

My name is Travis Ford. I am a Clinical Psychotherapist providing professional psychotherapy, counselling and hypnotherapy services to people in Nowra, NSW and the surrounding region. I can assist you with a range of personal issues and concerns including: depression, anxiety, significant life events, general feelings of malaise, ongoing difficulties maintaining relationships and friendships, issues of self doubt and low self esteem, and that sense that "somehow I just don't fit" or "in my inner most self, I just feel empty".


The Catharsis Society are a group of mental health professionals who see a growing need for affordable therapy that actually works.

We've been proudly attending to our clients’ mental health since 2019 and offer proactive quality Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in a safe and comfortable environment. We also offer a range of ADHD Coaching Programs, Online Personal Development Courses and hold regular Webinars making psycho-education assessable to anyone, anywhere.  We are also NDIS friendly. 


We pride ourselves in delivering a premium service which is why we are a finalist

in the "Local Business Awards" Winner Announced in Jan2021

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Who are we?

You’ve probably heard the word “catharsis,” but perhaps you don’t know exactly what it means. It comes from the Greek word “katharsis,” which refers to purification or cleansing. When used by modern psychologists, catharsis means discharging negative emotions to relieve intense anxiety, stress, anger, or fear. The purpose of catharsis is to bring about some form of positive change in the individual's life. This is what we specialise in here @ The Catharsis Society

What is Catharsis?

Our Services

Psychotherapists use a collaborative supportive approach to provide interventions designed to change patterns of functioning that are not helpful. This involves understanding your past and current situation and working with you to find solutions; including learning new skills and ways of managing any symptoms that are causing distress.

The Catharsis Society are Specialists in the Eclectic field of psychotherapy- This means we specialise in;

   Counselling Therapy - Exposure Response

   Hypnotherapy -  Cathartic Method - Relationship/Family Therapy

   Ego State therapy - Metaphoric Symbolised Imagery (MSI)

   Idiosyncratic Discourse (ISD) Addiction Relapse Prevention (ARP)

   Solution Focused Brief Therapy - Couples/ Relationship Counselling

   Dialectical Behaviour Therapy -  AD/HD Coaching

To Book an appointment and for more information about what type of therapy services will be best for you, please look through our services page, book a session online and give us a call.

The Catharsis Society are Licensed and Insured with the following Associations

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